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You're dazzling!
like rearlights
well, if I squint my eyes
like I used to
from the back of streetcars,
when I was three foot
Or like that show we watched
in my early summers
in your parent's bedroom
about ghosts,
you're one,
you know.

The season returns
every month
and darling dahlias
And fragrant are
the bottlebrushes
But you were
a paper rose
for an evening
of ennui,
I wonder where we
left origami
when we
grew up.

At times I think
it's a vain pursuit
finding love
and stuff,
stuff they sell
all over the place,
but love
is out of stock.
Perhaps I'm wrong,
but you were right
just right
for us.

Desserts are served
in the end
they're the best,
I s'spose.
The veal, and venison
and lamb in vinegar,
are in the freezer
my dear,
How quaint and sweet
it was to eat
my ice cream
on a wintry night.
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One of those rare works which I've seen since "Every Valentine's Day" that manages to capture so much depth. Unlike that work though, this does it with a limited amount of words, and to brilliant effect.

I think so, because of the opening. It seems to be abrupt but it isn't. There is more to it that meets the eye, as one takes itno consideration each and every moment that is captured.

Which leads to one of those optimistic endings that, I feel and I strongly support, are so much fun because they contrast with the overall plot brilliantly! Wonderful!
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November 26, 2012
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